Transport Facility : The school runs a bus and a van to transport the children to school.

Aqua guard water facility: We are greatly benefited by the generosity of Mr.Michael Avery who has sponsored Aqua guard water purification plant which supplies pure drinking water to the pupils.

Subjects for Curriculum  : Mathematics, Physical and Natural Sciences, Social studies, Environmental studies, Computer science, Language, Art and Craft, Value Education and General Knowledge.

Laboratory, Library and Computer Centre

The school boasts of a well equipped laboratory a well stocked library and a high tech computer centre for children to learn through experiments and projects and acquire knowledge through reading books and equip themselves with software technology.

Spiritual Activities: The school begins with the morning assembly where the Biblical truths are highlighted along with philosophical truths. Scripture and moral classes add value to their lives.

Medical Inspection : is conducted once a year where a team of doctors specializing in different areas attend on the children and diagnose problems if any and the parents are informed about it.

Open Day: An open day is a very important day in the career of the child as every child’s progress is discussed with the parent and corrective measures are adopted to rectify any lapse on either side. Parents not only get to know the grades of the children but they also meet the teachers and share their views, opinions and wishes which helps the child to better himself.

Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities and Clubs

The School promotes co-curricular activities such as

Sl.No. Co-Curricular Activity
1. Junior Red Cross
2. Scouts and Guides
3. Road Safety Patrol
4. Karate
5. Music Club
6. Quiz Club
7. Literary Club
8. Science Club
9. Language Association
10. Cultural Club
11. Indoor and Outdoor sports arena